Explore. Anytime. Anywhere.
Quickly discover the most interesting points in the area, without wasting time.
Go on a tour through all the exhibits each place has to offer.
You'll find images, audio and video that will turn your visit into a true entertaining, and yet, educational experience.
With a map in your hand, organized by area and filled with interest points, you'll never feell lost during your tour.
Guided tours
Did you ever get to a place and not know what to visit? With museUnum that problem is solved.
Select your own available time and this app will create a specially designed tour that will meet the selected time, the categories you wish to visit and the speed you selected for the tour.
The exhibits and art are selected according to the ratings of all the app users and your very own so, don't forget to rate the exhibits and help the other users find what you enjoyed the most.
There are also a few recommended tours for you to choose from, for your visit.
Never loose an event in your favourite spot.
This feature allows you to check the calendar and the events that will take place. It also allows you to save them in your device's calendar so that you'll be reminded of them later.
Ratings & Favourites
Vote for the exhibits and help the other users on their tours. Your opinion is extremely important as it directly influenciates the selected items on all the app users' tours.
Save your favourites, so that you can quickly access them later. It's also a good way to plan your tour in advance.
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Share information on the social networks and share the tours with your family and friends.

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